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    Store Profiling For Location Analytics

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    Further to the announcement of its Retail Data Analytics and Reporting platform Retail Express is pleased to announce the enhancements to support ‘location analytics’ with a new Store Profile capability which detail the attributes of Bricks and Mortar Stores and other Channels such as Web-based E –Commerce. The profiling will support a range of new analytical offering from Retail Express with Queries, Reports and Insights across a wide variety of Retail and Merchandising performance. The profiling dramatically increases the type and depth of analysis that will be possible from Retail Express and will include Space Analytics, Competitor Landscape, more detail trading Performance, Location Analytics, analysis of Store Types within each different Markets and against different competitors, correlation with store location detail (Main Road, Parade, Rural, City centre etc). The Store Profiling enhancements have been applied to the core Retail Express products and to the Vertica Analytics Platform and the Reporting Infrastructure.

    The solution can be provided in a hosted, Cloud or On-premises implementation and the solution runs on commodity low-cost servers without special hardware and is immediately available as standard with RE 2.0 Release 4.4.0 available now.

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