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    An integrated approach

    The potential impact that a well-received message can have on a promotion remains significant and needs to be part of the whole promotion decision process, including in the funding negotiation with suppliers.

    Media Planning

    Catalogue Management

    Media Analytics

    Signs & Shelf Edge Labels

    Media Review

    Media & Display

    Media & Display

    No more silos across Advertising/Media and Marketing. The need for the business to effectively communicate, Promotions, New Products, Themes and Messages to customers is as important today as it has ever been, and can have a significant impact on promotions and supplier negotiations.

    The solution supports the planning of all media and promotional display activities. Using templates, the detailed creation of the content of each media vehicle, like a Flyer or Catalogue, with Sections and Spots, Product Pictures, can be fully controlled and managed, exporting the complete Media Vehicle Template to finishing tools like Adobe InDesign. With full Forecasting and Analytic support, you can quickly identify which is the best item on which page, in which spot and what the impact will be; AI works that out seamlessly.

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    Enquire about Media & Display