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    Take control of your categories

    A systematic, disciplined approach

    Key to the Category Management approach is the ability to set objectives and targets for the categories and to continually assess their performance against budgets and competition.

    Strategy & Tactics

    Category Planning

    Assortment Management


    Visualisation & Reporting

    Category Management

    Category Management

    Category Management provides the overarching strategy and tactics for a Retailer's go-to-market activities. This is reflected in the role of Category Management within the Retail Express solution, providing the analysis, assessment and review of all the key elements that make up category management, allowing the plans to be set for the next year, quarter or month; so the AI-Powered functions drive the category management processes including Predicted P&L's; AI directly supports the reporting and insight tools.

    Under the Category Management umbrella, the solution also provides Assortment Planning providing insight into the historical, current and predicted future performance of items in the assortment.

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    Enquire about Category Management