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    The core modules of our solutions

    A detailed and data-driven approach to retail profitability

    Our end-to-end intelligent merchandising solutions support a move away from the limitations of forensic analysis to the use of real-time data to generate accurate demand forecasts, boost productivity and drive better financial results.

    Intelligent (End-to-End) Merchandising

    Inefficient planning and the lack of collaboration reduces the effectiveness of a retailers’ go-to-market offer, leaving money on the table.

    Retail Express End-to-End suite of merchandising applications were built from the ground up to address these shortcomings powering your go-to-market strategy through efficient execution of rules-based pricing and promotions bringing together key capabilities: Pricing, Promotions, Advertising with Supplier Collaboration, Deal Management, Category Management and Assortment.

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    Ensuring your ‘merchandising’ delivers the best offers to drive your brand strategy

    Collaboration and planning software with workflow and visualisation for great insight, utilising the latest in machine learning

    Everything you need in one place, fully integrated from the ground up to streamline critical business areas


    Finding effective promotions that engage your customers is hard enough, but ineffective promotions that do not maintain your strategic goals and cannibalise the rest of the category, can undermine customer confidence and lead to margin erosion and reduced profits.

    To solve this problem your promotion planning and supplier collaboration needs to break through the traditional departmental silos with a single “one version of the truth” plan. Shared in real time with workflow and automation combining all aspects of the promotional process.

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    Delivering an optimum pricing package taking into account the continually changing market conditions, is made harder by your own internal goals and objectives.

    Sustained success in pricing can be achieved through AI powered solutions that respond automatically to changes within the marketplace, maintaining the category rules and driving the goals and objectives.

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    Supplier Collaboration

    Effectively managing and coordinating supplier negotiations can be challenging for the most advanced retailers, and claiming back trade funds from promotions is a never-ending chore.

    Transform the interaction between your Traders/Buyers and Suppliers to drive increased supplier funding and better offers whilst dramatically improving the collection of funds, reducing the cost and timescale of collection.

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    Media & Display

    Traditional silos across advertising, media & category management have undermined the effectiveness of these teams through ineffective processes and poor collaboration.

    This can be addressed through an integrated approach to media and the wider merchandising functions, effectively tracking and accessing the input of each stakeholder throughout the planning stage with one version of the truth shared collaboratively across each function within a workflow and analytics-driven process.

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    Category Management

    Most retailers fail to effectively plan, review and assess the category in a joined-up way undermining Sales and profits.

    This can be resolved with an overarching strategy and tactics for a Retailer’s go-to-market activities, providing the analysis, assessment and review of all the key elements that make up category management. AI-powered functions drive the category management processes including Predicted P&Ls; and directly support the reporting and insight tools.

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    The backbone of our solutions

    Put in the data, take out the guess work

    Retail Express’ AI solution harnesses the power of machine learning to deliver one version of the truth across the organisation, departments and stakeholders.

    Algorithmic Retailing

    AI is a ‘game changer’ for retail and wholesale and will drive incremental business improvement for the next decade and beyond.

    AI makes Algorithmic Retailing possible and goes past improvements in business forecasting, and drives the adoption of recommendation systems, advanced analytics, process automation, deeper insight and more strategic use of big data in business planning.

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