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    Retail Margin Management Datasheet

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    • Gartner 2014 Optimization Guide

      Assortment | Press Release

      Gartner 2014 Optimization Guide

      Retail Express Chosen by Gartner Research for Inclusion in 2014 Market Guide for Unified Price Optimization Leading Price Optimization solution highlighted by Gartner Leeds UK – Nov 19, 2013 – Retail Express has been selected by Gartner research to be included in their latest market report “Market Guide for Unified Price, Promotions and Markdown Optimization Applications”. In the report, Robert Hetu, Research Director at Gartner, reviews the …

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    • Supply Chain Forecasting Datasheet

      AI (Artificial Intelligence) | Data sheets

      Supply Chain Forecasting Datasheet

      Understanding the varying demand patterns caused by price, promotional and advertising effects is where the Retail Express forecasting platform excels and is crucial to accurately forecasting future demand. Learn how our solution tracks changes in demand from regular prices, promotions, ads, displays etc. and can accurately forecast the effects of those changes.

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    • Retail Express announces RE 2.0

      Category Management | Press Release

      Retail Express announces RE 2.0

      Leeds UK – October 17, 2012 – Retail Express Retail Express would like to announce the launch of RE 2.0, the second generation product to replace AMP2. RE 2.0 is already running in our North American and European clients and is the evolution of the AMP2 platform. RE 2.0 goes beyond simply optimizing and implementing your Merchandising decisions it brings you closer to your customer putting them …

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    • Analytical service for Retailer’s

      Merchandising | Press Release

      Analytical service for Retailer’s

      Retail Express has recognised the opportunity to provide a more granular Price Optimisation/Category optimisation and analytics service to Retail Category teams, to help/assist/investigate difficult categories and to provide help where it is most needed on a short-term or continuous basis – without the need to commit the whole business or contract for multiple periods. Areas where we can help: Improvement of under-performing categories that would benefit from …

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