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    Retail Express Reporting Infrastructure

    8th July 2016 | 1 min read

    Retail Express is pleased to announce the availability of its Intelligent Merchandising solution RE 2.0 release 4.4.0 with its new Vertica based Column Orientated Analytical NO SQL Database platform to manage Large data volumes and fast Query and Insights. A new Reporting module is being provided with this release to allow users to write their own query and to take advantage of a series of standard reports and queries/insights built into the standard offering. Users can create their own private reports and insights or create & use public reports, once created reports can be run at any time and additional data subjects and new columns can be added to the report in real-time.

    Such is the power and speed of the Vertica solution the data is aggregated on the fly thus avoiding the difficulties with conventional data warehouses, in our case allowing the user to define the reports and combinations required without IT, DBA or Data Warehouse specialist involved. With each query data is cached so reformatting the query or report is ultra fast where the data has already been extracted and cashed. The solution can be provided in a Hosted, Cloud or On-premises implementation and the solution runs on commodity low-cost servers without special hardware.
    The new facilities will be provided with the Retail Express RE 2.0 Release 4.4.0 solution available now.

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