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    Press Release: RE201420
    Date: 4th September 2014


    Retail Express, the ‘Intelligent Merchandising’ software provider has announced today the availability of its RE 2.0 Big Data Store and a new generation Reporting and Visualisation module to provide both Standard and User Specific dynamic queries and reports across the RE 2.0 merchandising and business planning horizon.

    This isn’t a BI tool, this isn’t a conventional Data Warehouse it a new generation NO SQL Data Store based Reporting, Query and Visualisation tool which can hold large volumes of data from all areas of the Retail Express RE 2.0 Merchandising family BUT has the advantage of being ‘lightening fast’, being able to handle data without the need for specially design Databases to support the BI tools; no need for data aggregation to be predetermined and Users don’t need to be BI savvy to use the tool.

    The Data Store is updated as a standard part of the RE 2.0 daily and weekly processing; to co-inside with this announcement and to broaden the range and value of the reporting tool Retail Express is announcing a number of additional data subjects to RE 2.0, in particular to strengthen the financial reporting and margin management of the Merchandising Departments so that for example, the Annual Merchandising and Trading Budgets can be built within RE 2.0 and or Uploaded from ERP and then reported against both historical performance and forecasts v Budget for future weeks, at any level in the hierarchy.

    The greatest value will be the insight that this new tool brings to understand and evaluate merchandising activities, promotion performance, ad / flyer performance, supplier performance, item and category performance, Format/Store Group/ Store performance, Market Area performance, Competitor comparisons and analysis, and of course margin management; this isn’t just reporting it also provides ‘visualisation’ of the data for comprehension and ease of use?

    The solution is lightening fast running on standard servers and or cloud technologies, but as important as that is, its greatest advantage is that it substantially extends the ‘intelligence’ of the RE 2.0 solution and removes the user from the bottleneck of the corporate IT Data Warehouse / BI backlog and extends what was possible with the data that the RE 2.0 platform makes available.

    Call us for a more detailed discussion of how this can transform your Merchandising Insights and gain greater Control over margin management.

    If you would like further details of this important RE 2.0 capability please contact us at Retail Express visit: or call: 0113 2051930 or email:


    Editor’s Note

    Retail Express was founded by Barry Grange and Miguel Ganose to give form to their vision of a niche merchandising application to address the complex problems of advertising, marketing, promotions and pricing.

    RE 2.0 is the result of substantial research in Europe and North America. In many of the retailers we looked at, merchandising and promotional processes were fragile, time consuming, error prone and generally inconsistent with the retailer’s own aspirations.

    Retail Express’s mission was to create a single system that would integrate, optimise and manage every aspect of a business’s pricing and marketing – from initial planning to final evaluation; the result is RE 2.0.

    RE 2.0 has helped our customers become more sophisticated in the way they run the whole merchandising area of their business, and that sophistication made it much more appropriate to apply scientific techniques to capitalise on the gains they were already making. Decisions they make today are underpinned by solid forecasts, and the prices and promotions they apply are optimised for the market conditions in which they operate. Integrated thinking empowering decisions!

    Gaining a deeper understanding of customer behaviour is at the core of the Retail Express demand platform, accurately evaluating the impacts of your decisions on an ongoing real-time basis.

    The core system provides the operational aspects of managing, recording and delivering advertising, marketing, pricing, promotions, assortment, replenishment as well as providing forecasts for merchandising and the wider supply chain in a single unified product.

    The key to our success is that the forecasting and demand modelling technology predicts the effects of different prices and promotions on specific items, and the cross effects on the category as a whole at the planning stage. RE 2.0 Forecasting takes into account all current and planned customer touch points (price, promotion, ad, display, web, flyer, etc.) at the desktop and in real time delivers a highly accurate forecast of demand.

    Press contact:

    Philip Grange,
    VP Marketing
    Retail Express
    Tel: 0113 2051930

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