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    Release of new General Release Product 5.2 – feature highlights 

    Release of new General Release Product 5.2 – feature highlights 

    04/03/2022 |

    Retail Express has released a major upgrade of its Intelligent Merchandising Solution, RE 2.0; referred to as Release 5.2 is a strategic multi-year overhaul of the Intelligent Merchandising solution with new modules, analytics, visualisation tools and dash-boarding. Major AI enhancements developed over the last two years by our Science Group include additional automation in Pricing, Promotion and Supplier Management. Our Algorithmic Retailing strategy has added more Category Management capabilities and new productivity tools with clip boards, dynamic Action Lists, Personalised Messaging; enhancements throughout the solution, each module getting an overhaul. The new release has also brought new security including new antivirus software, improved encryption, SAML support with F5 and Salesforce User Identification capabilities.

    Retail Express has grown its customer base which now includes user’s in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, servicing Tier 1 Retailers in all its markets, including its newest client in Asia Pacific which has 1300 stores and 1100 Suppliers using the Retail Express Intelligent Merchandising solution.

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