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    • Expansion Of UK Head Office:

      News | Press Release

      Expansion Of UK Head Office:

      Press Release: RE201417 Date: 1st September 2014 RETAIL EXPRESS: EXPANSION OF UK HEAD OFFICE Retail Express, the ‘Intelligent Merchandising’ software provider has announced today the expansion of its UK head office to support its growth in North America and Europe, with Retail Express software now supporting some of the largest retailers in the US and with the addition of one of the world foremost CPG manufactures to …

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    • Competitor Analytics & Landscape:

      Category Management | Press Release

      Competitor Analytics & Landscape:

      Retail Express is pleased to announce the extension of its Category Management / Merchandise Management solution with the provision of its COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE and ANALYTICS offering; this provides an analysis of the performance of a retailer’s stores organised by the profile of each store’s competitors and providing INSIGHT into how different types of stores perform financially when their primary competitor is for example Tesco Express or ALDI …

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    • The Golden Quarter: Planning for profit with intelligent merchandising

      AI (Artificial Intelligence) | Opinion Piece

      The Golden Quarter: Planning for profit with intelligent merchandising

      By Ed Betts, UKI General manager 3 minute read 16 September marks the 100-day countdown to Christmas, also known as the Golden Quarter; the busiest period in the retail calendar. The Golden Quarter can be a difficult time for retail businesses, but this year presents a real challenge. The cost-of-living crisis, disruption to supply chains, the effect on global trade and freight costs as a result of …

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    • Algorithmic Retailing Datasheet

      AI (Artificial Intelligence) | Data sheets

      Algorithmic Retailing Datasheet

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