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    Expansion Of UK Head Office:

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    1st September 2014 | 2 min read

    Press Release: RE201417


    Retail Express, the ‘Intelligent Merchandising’ software provider has announced today the expansion of its UK head office to support its growth in North America and Europe, with Retail Express software now supporting some of the largest retailers in the US and with the addition of one of the world foremost CPG manufactures to its client list, Retail Express has had to grow its UK base with new support and analytics staff. Retail Express has taken a new floor at its Leeds central location doubling its available space.
    Barry Grange CEO of Retail Express said the new space will enable the continued growth of the business, while also giving our staff a first-class working environment right in the centre of the Leeds Business district. The continued growth of Retail Express is a testament to our innovation in the industry and the commitment and dedication of our staff.
    For more information about Retail Express visit: or call: 0113 2051930 or


    Editor’s Note

    Retail Express was founded by Barry Grange and Miguel Ganose to give form to their vision of a niche merchandising application to address the complex problems of advertising, marketing, promotions and pricing.

    RE 2.0 is the result of substantial research in Europe and North America. In many of the retailers we looked at, merchandising and promotional processes were fragile, time consuming, error prone and generally inconsistent with the retailer’s own aspirations.

    Retail Express’s mission was to create a single system that would integrate, optimize and manage every aspect of a business’s pricing and marketing – from initial planning to final evaluation; the result is RE 2.0.

    RE 2.0 has helped our customers become more sophisticated in the way they run the whole merchandising area of their business, and that sophistication made it much more appropriate to apply scientific techniques to capitalize on the gains they were already making. Decisions they make today are underpinned by solid forecasts, and the prices and promotions they apply are optimized for the market conditions in which they operate. Integrated thinking empowering decisions!

    Gaining a deeper understanding of customer behaviour is at the core of the Retail Express demand platform, accurately evaluating the impacts of your decisions on an ongoing real-time basis.

    The core system provides the operational aspects of managing, recording and delivering advertising, marketing, pricing, promotions, assortment, replenishment as well as providing forecasts for merchandising and the wider supply chain in a single unified product.

    The key to our success is that the forecasting and demand modelling technology predicts the effects of different prices and promotions on specific items, and the cross effects on the category as a whole at the planning stage. RE 2.0 Forecasting takes into account all current and planned customer touch points (price, promotion, ad, display, web, flyer, etc.) at the desktop and in real time delivers a highly accurate forecast of demand.

    Press contact:

    Philip Grange,
    VP Marketing
    Retail Express
    Tel: 0113 2051930

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