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    Competitor Analytics & Landscape:

    Retail Express is pleased to announce the extension of its Category Management / Merchandise Management solution with the provision of its COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE and ANALYTICS offering; this provides an analysis of the performance of a retailer’s stores organised by the profile of each store’s competitors and providing INSIGHT into how different types of stores perform financially when their primary competitor is for example Tesco Express or ALDI etc., the analysis is sensitive to the distance a competitor is from each of the Retailer’s stores and can report based on distance and other factors. The Competitor Landscape analysis shows the impact of New Competitor openings and closings and refits as well as the maturing of stores on each side of the competitor divide. These new capabilities supplement the extensive COMPETITOR Module within the Pricing solution and in particular the Competitor Basket Analysis which directly compares a basket or category or ad hoc set of items with one or more competitor for a location or market or Price Zone using a straight Price comparison or volumetric analysis based on relative sales over a user defined period.

    The Landscape functionality is being made available in the Retail Express RE 2.0 Release 4.4.1 and can be licensed with the Category and Merchandise Management modules BUT can also be licensed with the Pricing and Promotion Management solution without the other Category Management functionality.

    The solution can be provided in a hosted, Cloud or On-premises implementation and is available today.

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