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Retail Express Announces that it has integrated the HP Vertica cluster-column-oriented Analytics Platform with its Intelligent Merchandising Solution; Vertica was designed to manage large, fast-growing volumes of data and provide very fast query performance when used for data warehouses and other query-intensive applications. The platform drastically improves query performance over traditional relational database systems, provide high-availability, and petabyte scalability on commodity enterprise servers; Retail Express is using the Vertica platform alongside its traditional OLTP and relational D/B’s to provide its pricing and promotion management users with very fast insights and query performance which will be able to combine historical Vertica data with real-time pricing and promotions data to provide the best in class service for our users.

The design features include:
Column-oriented storage organization, which increases performance of sequential record access at the expense of common transactional operations which are performed in the Retail Express Relational DBMS Standard SQL and NO SQL interfaces with many analytics capabilities built-in Compression, which reduces storage costs and I/O bandwidth. High compression is possible because columns of homogeneous data types are stored together.
Share nothing architecture, which reduces system contention for shared resources. Easy to use and maintain through automated data replication, server recovery, query optimization, and storage optimization.

The new facilities will be provided with the Retail Express RE 2.0 Release 4.4.0 solution and will be available in a Hosted, Cloud or On Premises implementation.
Look for future announcements of how these important new facilities will benefit Retail Express RE 2.0 Users.

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