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    Auto Pricing & Rules Engine Upgrade

    Retail Express is pleased to announce the extension of its PREDICTIVE PRICE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION with a series of enhancements to provide auto pricing with ‘multi level’ rules to complement the existing rule and constraints processing; this allows the Rules to be conditional based on circumstances at the time with a user defined priority sequence with multiple constraints possible at each level. To accommodate this more sophisticated rules processing the Engine User Interface has been rewritten to accommodate these new capabilities with an improved User Interface along with additional features and improved processing for Shields that now become Differentials and extends to SIZE COMPARISONS, BRAND COMPARISONS AND COMPETITOR COMPARISONS for more alternative pricing options but easier to use and manage.

    The Predictive Analytics has also been enhanced to support these new capabilities and additional simulations are now available showing the predicted impact , the outcome of any ‘rule and constraint’ changes before the user commits them into production providing a full ‘what if’ capability; this is in addition to the standard ‘impact analysis’ provided with each actual price change made automatically by the rules engine or manually by the user and the wider impact analysis shown in the extensive Category Worksheets and the Margin Management Reports which takes the item level predictions for all items up to the Format level.

    The new Pricing functionality is being made available in the Retail Express RE 2.0 Release 4.4.0 and can be licensed with the Pricing Management Solution or the full Intelligent Merchandising family.

    The solution can be provided in a hosted, Cloud or On-premises implementation and is available today.

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