Retail Express announces RE 2.0

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Leeds UK – October 17, 2012 – Retail Express

Retail Express would like to announce the launch of RE 2.0, the second generation product to replace AMP2. RE 2.0 is already running in our North American and European clients and is the evolution of the AMP2 platform. RE 2.0 goes beyond simply optimizing and implementing your Merchandising decisions it brings you closer to your customer putting them at the centre of the decision making process and unifying the whole organisation under one set of information with a unified purpose and direction. RE 2.0’s highly accurate demand management and forecasting technology will seamlessly drive all parts of the enterprise, offering the first truly holistic merchandising solution on the market today.

RE 2.0 represents a quantum leap in merchandising capabilities allowing retailers to truly create, shape and manage demand in a way that has not been possible before.

Barry Grange CEO of Retail Express


About Retail Express – RE 2.0

Retail Express provides the operational aspects of managing, recording and delivering advertising, marketing, pricing, promotions and assortment, and provides forecasts for merchandising and the wider supply chain in a single unified product.

RE 2.0 enables you to see the effects of different prices and promotions on specific items and the cross effects on the category as a whole at the planning stage. RE 2.0 enables you to forecast all current and planned customer touch points (price, promotion, ad, display, web, flyer, etc.) at the desktop in real time delivering the most accurate possible forecast of demand.
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