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    Advanced AI solution to meet retailers’ critical need for smarter merchandising

    Advanced AI solution to meet retailers’ critical need for smarter merchandising

    Retail Express has announced a major upgrade to its intelligent merchandising software, RE2.0, introducing significant AI enhancements. This upgrade will ensure its products reap the benefits of artificial intelligence, enabling the delivery of smarter merchandising and collaboration tools to support the modern retail industry and better meet global customer demand.

    The digitalisation of the retail industry is driving leaders to look for innovative technologies to help them stay ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace. AI-driven solutions hold the key to solving today’s complex business challenges, supporting a move away from the limitations of forensic analysis to the use of real-time data to generate accurate predictions and forecasts. Business intelligence about pricing and promotions, derived from the insights that such systems produce, can be used to streamline supplier management and make operations much more efficient, completely revolutionising processes that have been historically carried out through a manual process of phone calls, emails and spreadsheets.

    Retail Express’ CEO, Barry Grange, explains: “The acceleration by retail leaders in their digital transformation journey is driving demand for intelligent merchandising solutions. As we see the growth of disruptors in the retail market, such as online behemoths on one side and the ‘deep discounters’ on the other, it’s essential to invest in systems now that will create a competitive advantage while helping to boost revenue.”

     The strategic overhaul of Retail Express’ intelligent merchandising Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, RE2.0, has been based around major enhancements to its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. A next-generation Supplier Collaboration module also now forms a key component of the platform, providing a two-way Supplier Portal that allows retailers and vendors to plan, negotiate and agree deals, track funding and manage media and promotion.

    RE2.0 now includes many additions to increase useability including options to refine category management, and a suite of new productivity tools, resulting in a powerful software solution that can be tailored to meet the precise requirements of any retail business. Improved cybersecurity via more stringent encryption methods also provides peace of mind for managers, while SAML support with F5 deployment and Salesforce User Identification capabilities ensure secure management of user identities between RE2.0 and Salesforce CRM systems.

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