Platforms – SaaS versus On-premise

Retail Express provides the RE 2.0 solution both as an on-premise or as a Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment. SaaS style deployments are becoming increasingly popular as the benefits for a fast moving entrerprise are clear:

  • Accelerated Time-to-market
  • Reduced in-house expertise
  • Reduced up-front capital investment
  • Transparent resource management for scaling and maintenance requirements

On-premise deployments offer the same functionality and reliable technology, but with the details managed by your IT team. This solution is best implemented by enterprises with the resources and infrastructure to manage an RE 2.0 deployment effectively. Retail Express provide configuration and administration tools to help with this.


Retail Express employ a mix of industry proven and cutting edge enterprise technologies. A multi-tier architecture and elastic grid computing platform allows RE 2.0 to be deployed according to the retailer’s current and future data volume and usage needs.

RE 2.0 has a rich security model which enables fine-grained control over user access of functions and data. There is also an online audit of selected sensitive transactions that occur within the system, enabling querying on who changed what, when.

RE 2.0 has been designed to drop into your existing infrastructure and integrate seamlessly with your existing applications and technologies.

Integration in RE 2.0 is split into two levels, the first being Data Integration where fast, low-level data movement between systems is required, and the second being Service Integration where messages or services are passed between the RE 2.0 system and the enterprises’ systems.