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    A unique application

    Retail Express was founded to address some of the complex challenges facing retail today. For many retailers, merchandising and promotional processes are fragile, time-consuming, error-prone and generally inconsistent with the retailer’s own aspirations.

    Solving the difficult challenges in retail is why we do what we do each and every day

    Made up of industry experts, retail geeks, engineers, and innovators from some of the biggest retailers and manufacturers in the world, we have become a leader in our field, driving innovation and pushing the limits of retail IT. Working with some of the world’s best known brands to develop new and innovative business models that improve customer engagement while increasing profits.

    We believe Collaborative Planning and Algorithmic Retailing is now, more than ever, the key to getting retail right

    And a deeper understanding of customer behaviour is at the core of Algorithmic Retailing which harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Forecasting and demand-modelling technology accurately evaluates and predicts in real time the effects of pricing and promotions on specific items, and the cross effects on the category as a whole, at the planning stage.

    Algorithmic fact-based decision making powered by AI is what drives intelligent merchandising.

    It is also what drives us.

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    Mission Statement:

    Solving today’s complex business challenges with optimised fact-based decision making achieved using advanced AI technology to drive ‘intelligent merchandising’ through collaboration and process automation.