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    The problem we solve

    Retail data – but not as you know it.

    Analysis of merchandising data is now, more than ever, the key to getting retail right.

    For too long, retailers have struggled with manual processes and legacy systems that involve cumbersome, time-consuming methods of data interpretation and operations management.

    End-to-end intelligent merchandising

    Retail Express’ intelligent merchandising supports a move away from the limitations of legacy systems and processes through the use of AI and real-time data to generate accurate demand forecasts, with the systemisation and automation of pricing, promotions and supplier collaboration, boosting productivity and driving better financial results.

    Learn more about taking a more detailed and data-driven approach to retail profitability.

    Intelligent Merchandising

    How we do it

    Put in the data, take out the guess work

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds the key to solving many of today’s complex business challenges.

    For retail leaders, this means leveraging AI to unlock real-time insights, anticipate customer needs and proactively deliver across every touchpoint.

    AI Machine Learning

    Retail Express’ AI solution harnesses the power of machine learning to deliver one version of the truth across pricing, promotions, media and assortment. This helps to simplify planning processes, improve stakeholder collaboration, and accelerate decision-making, while also driving consumer demand.

    Innovative retail merchandising software signals a new dawn for the retail industry. For those that choose to embrace it, AI will become a powerful ally.

    Algorithmic Retailing

    Key benefits at a glance

    Engage your customer more effectively

    Through seamless interaction across silos and among retail teams and suppliers

    Put the customer at the heart of every decision

    By leveraging the latest in machine learning to evaluate the impact of decisions

    Improve customer confidence, while increasing margins

    With a systemised approach to merchandising, maintain your brand guidelines and drive profits

    Who we do it for

    Digital transformation is driving demand among retailers for intelligent merchandising solutions to help them stay ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
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