planned - managed - optimized - analyzed
Retail Express provides End to End Merchandising software solutions for the planning and operational aspects of managing, recording and delivering pricing, promotions, advertising, marketing and assortment and provides analytics and forecasts for merchandising and the wider supply chain in a single unified product.


Retail Express offers a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions covering all aspects of planning merchandising and replenishment for retail, wholesale and CPG.

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Key Benefits

Solve today's complex business challenges and increase your profits and revenues with optimized Fact-based decisions achieved using a radically different and highly accurate forecasting methodology.

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Retail Express was founded to address the complex problems of advertising, marketing, promotions and pricing in retail. Our approach was to create an End-to-End Merchandising solution that delivers one version of the truth across the organisation and departments while continually forecasting and optimizing your merchandising plans to more effectively respond to changes in market conditions and drive consumer demand.

Price more effectively with Lifecycle price optimization including regular price and promotion optimization. Take back control of your promotions and improve promotion effectiveness with promotion optimization, promotion planning and promotional forecasting. Reduce safety stock and more effectively manage demand with demand forecasting and intervene should conditions change through margin management, analytics and reporting tools.